Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Why I'm here!

It may not seem so, but science has fallen into a new dark age. Newer and newer technology makes us think science is advancing by leaps and bounds this is just not true. Technology is moving forward by leaps and bounds not science. We are seeing farther into space but we have no idea of what we are looking at. Theories abound, none are proofed and theories are stacked on top of other theories it's a scientific Tower of Babel. When I was a young man I realized that a professor of Geology Samuel Warren Carey had observed and discovered a massively important clue to how the Universe works. Since Sam was a geologist he related it specifically and only to the Earth and the fact that it seems to be expanding and the Earth seems to be expanding. As a physics geek it slowly dawned on me that expanding is not a physical process but growing is.
How could Sam Carey discover and present the mechanism of this growth as a Geologist, he could not so his theory was defeated replaced by the Pangea Theory? A theory that said all the continents collected on one side of the Earth in a big giant island. As I visualized this as an artist , it made me laugh it was like Water World with one big giant island. Then I started playing with models and I discovered that all the continents fitted perfectly together but on a smaller planet. Model after model showed this to be the case.
The only way I could help Sam Carey's theory I thought was to continue my study of Physics and in fact all the other Sciences and discover the mechanism of Earth's growth. I gave it three years , it took me thirty years.
Then I discovered the worst thing of all .... Finding the mechanism was only the smallest tip of the iceberg.
Here I was, a comic book writer drawer publisher and I had found a new model of the Universe. Boy oh boy was I in trouble.


  1. And we're still waiting for you to tell us about it...

    On what do you base your prime matter theory, your plasma core theory, and how does such a thing make all the elements?

  2. Paul Dirac proposed that for there to be an electron, there must be a positron, or a "positive electron." I believe it is just as logical and sensible to suppose or predict that if energy strikes something invisible, wherever in the universe it may be, and produces an electron and a positron, then there must be a particle that represents the joined version of these two particles. For the sake of convenience I call this a prime matter particle. Since an acceleration of the amount and abundance of energy creates pair production on an increased basis, then there must be as many prime matter particles as there are water molecules in the ocean. It is not an illogical step to predict that the universe is made of these prime matter particles, which verifies the prediction that pair production can happen anywhere. That there is a great deal of energy, once energy is joined with the prime matter particle, which by definition must be tiny whole electromagnetic fields, we have matter, and that matter has gravity.

    Current science insists that pair production must be followed by pair annihilation. This is a major mistake in current science. If man can halt annihilation in a simple collider, using magnetic fields, it is reasonable to believe that nature can do the same thing in magnetic fields that exist in solar systems, galaxies, and at the earth’s core. If this is the case, and it must be, electrons and positrons can be kept apart. Here then is the big question. What happens if they are kept apart?

    The answer to this question has to do with the structure of the prime matter particle. It took me about a year to uncover the structure of the prime matter particle. And in the end, it turned out to be so simple that I could barely believe it. The prime matter particle consists of a dimensionless bubble that is the electron that is a bubble because the universe, for whatever reason, is pulling outward on it. The dimensionless point particle, at the center of the bubble, is a positron. And its function is to pull that little portion of the universe back together again. This keeps the electromagnetic field within the bubble.

    If the core particle is knocked out of the core by a high energy photon, then the electromagnetic field is revealed. And the field that is revealed is the energy of matter. This is enough for today.

  3. I don't have an opinion on the prime matter particle, but I am convinced by demonstration of Neal's growing Earth explanation for the distribution of the land masses. How this all works, I don't know. But seeing is believing. The land masses all fit together at some point in time. According to Neal's theory, mountains are ripple effects in the land masses created by a flattened surface area. This makes more sense also than conventional plate tectonics when one travels for days though a series of mountain ranges -- all of which are not on the supposed tectonic plate subduction zone.

    Here's my question for Neal. Given that I agree with the growing Earth's explanation for the distribution of land masses and the creation of mountain ranges why then do volcanoes and earthquakes occur predominately along the edges of the landmasses where conventional theory says subduction occurs. Here's a visual help to this question.

    Most of the links to Neal's previously published work on the net has broken on the help page, but you will get the point in these questions posed. Let me know if you need further attribution on this page to give you all due credit for the work.

    1. David, I've been following this theory (via Neal's work) for years, and like you, I do agree with the theory because it is the only rational theory out there. That said, I can tell you that volcanos and earthquakes happen most at the edges of the pacific, mountains, etc... is do to the pressure being forced against the original crust from the spreading center ocean ridges.

      The example was given by way of a napkin. push a napkin across a table toward a heavy book. The napkin folds at the book. If the table were soft and molten, the napkin would fold downward as well as upward. These folds and pressures create the earthquakes and pathways that allow the volcanos to release pressure.

      The west costs of North and South America are the best examples of this... folding against the original crust. These mountains have volcanos, and a lot of quakes.

      The mountains that are 'recurve' events are best shown in the Himalayas.

      New topic. Events that started the growth. Impact.

      Two massive dyings on the earth happened 200 million years ago and 65 million years ago. Both relate to impact on incredible scales. One in the region of the Gobi Desert and the next in the Yukatan.

      The impact 200mya is also the region of the oldest new crust. My thought is that the impact cracked the crust massively and allowed the internal pressure to release quickly.... allowing the new crust to flow... when the size of the earth is reduced back in time to 200mya, the gobi desert is the impact site.

      65mya. Take the model back in time to 65mya and look at the Yucatan area.... impact area is prominent, and the growth from that time on was accelerated in the gulf coast region.

      Again, I have no proof other than simplistic logic and the model Neal has created... but I cannot help but think SOMETHING popped the cork to start the growth after nearly 4 billion years.. ?

      Again, Thank you Neal for bringing this idea to light.

    2. Mitchell, about impact starting the growth. This is how I imagine it as well.

  4. Alright, here are two specific questions for you-- maybe you can answer?

    What do you think neutrons are, and what do you think quarks are?

  5. Oh, and what is gravitational attraction?

  6. A Neutron, to keep it very simple is a Hydrogen Atom
    In the core center of the Proton is our Positron, which weakly attracts the Electron that it hold in a Positive Orbital ,..held at this distance by the core Positrons of the Prime matter particles that make up the 919 particle BULK of the Proton, (This bulk of 919 Prime Matter particles, is misinterpreted as 3 QUARKS. A nonsense interpretation, due to sharing of EM and energy!
    A Quark is a particle ONLY IF a Snowball is a snowflake.)
    At any rate as the Sun superheats the Hydrogen Nucleus to expand. This enables the Positron to attract the Electron to lodge just under the first layer of prime Matter Particles. This is a Neutron!

    Gravitational attraction is the NEED of the POSITIVE Positron to attract any and all electrons in the Universe in order to complete itself! It's reach is endless.

  7. Hi Neal,

    Thought you may be interested in this


  8. Continental Drift explains the continents fitting together. We do not need a "growing" earth to explain it do we? What is the mechanism again? Are you a crack pot? You have a theory without a mechanism...Do you believe in Big Foot and UFO's too? Am I missing something here?

    1. Do I believe there is a bigfoot. I have absolutely no idea. I have seen the film footage and it's very exciting and wonderful to contemplate.
      UFO's??? Hmm. If 12 people testified against a person in a court, that person would be executed,...dead. If those same people testified that the saw UFO's, they would be laughed at.
      Do you see the problem?
      Continents CANNOT DRIFT. They lie within spreading oceanic plates and they themselves are 35 to 40 miles thick, sitting where the asthenosphere is quite dense and solid-ish. The plates in the oceanic plate SPREAD apart. Their TRACKWAYS are cracks right there for anyone to see in those very excellent maps.
      We do not "NEED" "Growing" Earth. But if we did not have one, we would not have a MATTER UNIVERSE.
      Perhaps you are one of those folks who religiously believes all the matter in the universe magically PLINKED into existence one day at the behest of ,..I don't know,.. GOD? Wizard of OZ?
      I am not one of those people. I 'believe' in science!
      Nor do I 'believe the Universe is "expanding", since, of course, there is NO SUCH Physical Phenomenon as "expanding" without another force being ADDED ongoing. (thermal, etc)
      No such force is being added, yet the Universe is ACCELERATING outward.
      Only ONE logical all-enompassing answer exists. Growing Earth-Growing Universe theory.
      Mechanism? Can you not read? Have you studied Physics? I think not!
      No, I am not a crack pot, or religious fanatic, as you, apparently are.
      Try FACTS.

  9. How does your theory measure up to the electric universe theory?
    I just saw the moon vid of yours & you seem to be hinting in the same direction as that theory, just saying.

  10. Electric Universe is limited like tight socks. Not big enough to fit your whole feet.
    Since the ballanceing of the Universe, negative to positive, gives the matter Universe STRUCTURE, from IONS to Galaxies,..."electric" is then a 'symptom', not the CAUSE!

    1. Regarding the physical nature of gravity, can you apply or correct this snippet to fit your work:

      Here is the whole article:

  11. Great to see your new blog. You're doing a fantastic job of getting everyone thinking about Expanding Earth, Dinosaurs Gravity and why it is all happening. Keep it up!

  12. Javier el profeJanuary 4, 2013 at 9:30 AM
    Mr. Adams
    I teach earth and life sciences in High School in Spain.
    The hypothesis you bring here, presented by Samuel Warren Carey is very outdated
    Pardon, a theory cannot become outdated, unless proven wrong. It is either right or wrong! Many "theories have come back to bite us in the ass.
    and has several weak points. No, you are completely incorrect here. There are NO weak points to Carey's Geological conclusions! If you know these several weak points, please present them,...and you will have done what no GEOLOGISTS on Earth has ever done, nor would dare to do. That is to "TRY to correct Professor Emeritus Samuel Warren Carey's Geological expertise. I'd love to read your list.

    Most of them ?outlayered? by the scientific community, hundreds of hardworking people who do not like wasting time in absurd conspiracies. (Conspiracies? What conspiracy, exactly, are you referring to? The one that insists that all the landmasses "FLOATED OVER" or "PLOWED THROUGH" all the Oceanic Plate of the 2/3 of basaltic crust to JOIN and UNITE into ONE GIANT ISLAND on one side of the Earth, so that the dinosaurs could have a UNITED HOME? That conspiracy?
    I see, you are seeking PITY for "hardworking" (Though incompetent, and undereducated) Geologists?
    A "community" of incompetents"?

    I would appreciate if you stop wasting your time

    I'm sorry??? YOU, would appreciate,..."I",..would stop wasting,...MY,....time? Perhaps you would like to give the same advice to Einstein, or Newton, Galileo or Wegener??
    The really BIG time wasters! Men who by dint of their single-minded dedication to principles, that the scientific community around them insisted was ONE HUNDRED PERCENT WRONG, stupidly perservered.

    and everybody elses in making those videos and strips defending a long ago wrong-proved hypothesis and misguiding people to believe absurd stuff that if they would read any geology book would make them perfectly clear how earth was born and why it has it shape now.
    (Because,...NOW, we know EVERYTHING!)

    You know what is sadly "wrong" about YOU,...sir?
    You suffer the mistaken illusion, that when the next big sea change in science, comes along, YOU, among all others educated men of Earth, will "recognize" it immediately. That YOU would 'see' Galileo's theories clearly, immediately. That Wegener would find a friendly and understanding intellectual, in YOU, when he described how all the continents were together as one giant island, and then they broke apart and DRIFTED APART!
    Sadly, you would never be one of those who recognize the "NEW". You know only, and defend only, the OLD

    I would recommend to you also to read it.

    I don't think you are in the position to recommend anything to anybody. YOU, SIR, are what we call, a "BAD TEACHER"!

    You would need kilograms of data right now to prove wrong all the data gathered that shows the plate tectonicts theory. And thats how science works: by making experiments, gathering data and comparing it with previous work.

    Do you really believe this??? Here is the truth, since you did not know. Thousands of investigative technicians sift through and categorize information.
    Then one fine day ONE person looks at all this information and stuff and has an,....idea. ...An Idea that crystallizes all this information into a Theory. 99 out of 100 of these theorizes are wrong. ONE , nearly hidden theory is RIGHT!
    THIS, is how science and discovery is DONE!

    Neal Adams

  13. Well done Neal. You are on the right track. You are close to the keys of ultimate truth, and ancient wisdom. But keep these matters to yourself. It is not safe to broadcast your realisation. Pressure is the Nemesis of gravity, as Newton expalined, for every action ... etc, but add spin as well and an object must expand. but not uniformly, but in the direction or plane of spin, causing the object to deform. and then normalise its spherical nature. A denser smaller earth would have increased gravity on its surface, but also an increase in internal pressure. Even the prophets explain the days must become shorter. This is a bit garbled because it is a few notes on a much bigger picture. This is sacred knowledge. When and if you are ready, we must share that knowledge.

  14. After 85 years of searching, researchers have confirmed the existence of a massless particle called the Weyl fermion for the first time ever. With the unique ability to behave as both matter and anti-matter inside a crystal, this strange particle can create electrons that have no mass.

    Hi Neal,
    Chris Moolman here. I don't know if you will still remember me. We had an e-mail chat years ago about the origins of the moons. My theory is that they are born from their respective planets and our 2nd moonis about to be born.
    I found the above info and thought of your matter creation theory. Unfotunately I cant look at your latest videos on expanding earth as I cannot aford it. I know it is cheap $1.99 or R20 in South Africa but I live on a pension of R1500 per month.

    Is there anywhere else I can see your latest?

    Chris Moolman.

  15. Hi Neal,
    I'm a physics professor at Ferris State in Michigan. I'm inspired by your work popularizing the expanding Earth theories of Carrey and Maxlow.
    I also like your ideas about 'prime matter' and that the proton and neutron are just conglomerations of electron-positron pairs. (Duh! that's why the proton and electron have the same charge).

    One objection conventional physicists would say disproves the electron-positron conglomeration would be that the neutron has 1/2 integer spin, as does the proton. Since the neutron has 1/2 integer spin it can't just be a proton plus an electron. But that's not true. The neutron has whole-integer spin, as proved by an experiment from 1980. this disproves quark theory and supports your theory.

    I'm working on a mathematical version of your prime matter theory, and how it relates to the Dirac equation. My goal is to show why it is that the proton and neutron are stable, but other groupings of prime matter are less stable. I'm not done with it yet.

    I have a blog at I just started it, so it's not too impressive yet, but it'll grow.


  16. Neal, I just watched your videos about Earth's growth. Very convincing and coherent. Usually the majority is wrong about things. Somebody must face the misconceptions bravelly. Need just a good and logical explanation. I thought about this some time ago. I noticed you did not explained the growth mechanism. I have a theory abou it but no way to animate it. If you wanna hear about it, just drop me an e-mail (bought two videos minutes ago - order 24??3912??302840D).

  17. Greetings Neal! My name is Dean ( I just posted a brief on the "Pangea Theory Proven Wrong". I'm interested in opening up a dialog if you are interested. I think there is a lot more good science that can be integrated into your theory. Good work!

  18. I have a Question What do you think neutrons are
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