Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Heck's a 'poppin!

 All Heck is breaking loose. Turns out , according to a recent Paper/ announcement, which, for the most part, aren't worth the pixels they're printed on, that Tectonic Theory can only (Hah,) explain the last 3 billion Years. Before that, it's a crap shoot.
Not so good for the Pangea Theorists, to whom, Earth being the same size now over the whole 4.5 Billion Years then, doesn't make sense.  Tectonics should have kicked in 4 Billion Years ago.
My opinion? I think the researchers are giving and stretching the time and Giving Geologists far too much credit with that 3 By's.
Google  Tectonics only 3 billion years old


  1. Hello Neal Adams,
    You are totaly right! The earth is growing. I have done some research about two years and find some interesting puzzle pieces that perfectly fits together. Our earth is always growing in the "galactic summer". And in this cycle its producing more water, too. Learn more from my open-source science. It's dedicated to you and other scientists. It's really amazing. Click Here:

    Best wishes from germany

    Robert Goldstaender

  2. I’m a believer also, I think science is stretching everything in geology and astro physics to compensate for error, without even realising they are doing it (or maybe some do!). I think the problem boils down to the breakdown of iron over time. The breakdown of the iron was measured from a universe perspective and of course not by observation on earth. This means there is an error in our concept and hence mathematics of the universe. Personally I believe this error to be the constant speed of light. We measure speed of light in a vacuum here on earth and get a constant. Does that constant work across the universe? Does light bend only around large stars and massive bodies or is there an overall space time curvature which embeds a coefficient in math that humans have yet to discover!!

  3. Further to add... Does light travel in waves or are those waves really spirals! If light travels in spirals then only the creation of the spiral is constant. This statement assumes constant polarity of gravity. Recently the higgs-boson particle was proved to exist by Cern. Hawkins bet $100 dollars it wouldn’t exist. The higgs-boson proves a polarity constant beyond the speed of light, a most profound discovery that opens huge doors into a new universe of thought.

  4. Hi Neal!
    I believe that the model that you show does make sense (and not just because you draw great hands, LOL!)
    I have been pursuing study in other fields of science that could be useful in giving a more complete understanding of conditions that would be the provable result of your concepts. I am curious to find out if you have encountered any works or studies that would clarify something that; for me, is a question worth engaging. That question would be the delineation between mass and density during the progress of the patterns that you show must have happened.
    If the actual mass (the amount of accountable matter) present during the Earth's history is somewhat constant; then its density would be less now than at the earlier points of its growth.
    Taking that into account; it would follow therefore that the gravitational pull of the Earth would be constant as well.
    So; that leads also to a question that I'm also considering, the resultant atmosphere surrounding the Earth would possibly still have had the same outward distance from the centre of the Earth since the gravitational pull would have been the same.
    There would be no reason for the atmosphere to be more dense; even though the body it encompasses (the Earth) has greater density, but not greater mass.
    In this idea; the result would be an atmosphere with much greater area to cover since the size of the limits of the atmosphere would be constant but the earth is smaller in that time.
    I'm asking you if you could do me the favour of giving me your thoughts and acquired knowledge on these points as I feel they would lead to some additional, concrete observations that are being overlooked by current science models.
    Thank you for your valuable time!

  5. Neal, have you heard of Dr. Judy Wood? Have you seen this video of hers?

    I would like to see your take on it. If you find this video interesting I have some more info I think you would like. I am looking for help with a project relating to similar information I have discovered.

  6. Mr. Adams was just snooping around and aside from geologists clinging to bad theories, and earth quake predictions reaching at an all time low...That was beautiful thing you did for Siegel and Shuster.
    Strength and honor brother.

    1. Its doesnt look like hes paying much attention here anymore. But I do agree with your comment.

  7. @NealAdams Hope you are still following this. Turns out that others have the same idea as you "Planet Earth: A Question Of Expansion (1982)".